How can we analyze a hashtag?

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We are at an event, we have a crisis of reputation of a client or just want to know what kind of impact is generating a brand on Twitter. Because of that, we will rely on a tool that allows us to collect data from Twitter (concepts related to the brand, hashtags or specific urls).

There is a very common tool used for this type of tasks: Pirendo. Well, I’m going to talk about another, called TAGS (Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet).

This tool, TAGS, allows us to collect Twitter data related to a word or number and provides us with interesting metrics for further analysis (tweets, tweets authors, to whom it is addressed, date, time, total RTs, tweets generated , activity and other indicators).

The particularity of this tool is that it is free, it works on Google Apps, and that anyone is free to copy, use and improve it.

Well, this good tool owes its creation to Martin Hawksey, JISC CETIS Learning Technology Advisor, an IT monitoring tools.

How does it work?

You must follow these steps:

  • Copy this sheet of Google Spreadsheet (File / Make a Copy):

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  • Perform the authorization of the use of the tool associated with your email. (Press «Enable Custom Menu»)
  • Confirm the use of the tool and enable the features by typing «Enable Custom Menu»
  • Now we must make the registration of «our application» in Twitter Developers. How? We go to the tab TAGS/Twitter API Configuration.
    We will see this:

Captura de pantalla 2013 05 22 a las 00.52.31 How can we analyze a hashtag?

  • We go to the Twitter Developers site and register our application (we have to login with a Twitter account).
  • Filling out the form, you will find a section called «Callback URL», we introduce:
  • We finished the record and create the application.
  • Then get two keys:
Twitter OAuth Consumer Key:
Twitter OAuth Consumer Secret:
  • The copy and paste into the box Google Docs we had previously deployed.
    It is less. Now we click on the Tools tab / Script Editor.
  • Here we find a tab called Run. We select the «authenticateTwitter».
    We validate the authorization to our Twitter account.
  • Now we just enter your search term in the «search term» main tab.
  • Execute the Run Now! TAGS and the tab …. already! We will obtain our data collected in the Archive tab (bottom left of the document).

The validity of the collected data (tweets, tweets made ​​by users, to whom they are addressed, date and time …) are valid for seven days, ie our data collection will be 7 days today looking back (limitations of Twitter).

The number of tweets collected is limited, we can not collect in principle collect more than 1,500 tweets.
If we need more tweets to collect because the particular impact of our object search need to enable certain options which I will explain in my next post ….

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